So it was Africa Day yesterday, my first day at work, and the staff at Oxfam all ‘dressed up’ in African attire. Putting on African patterns instead of wearing their typical Western clothing of plain shirts and skirts or dresses for females and button up collared shirts for males. The women were all giggly, taking hundreds of photos and selfies, showing off their skirt, dress or top. Evidently this clothing is rarely worn on a daily basis, reserved only for special occasions.



Like everything here, I compare it to Senegal or Mali where people are proud to wear the bright African prints everyday; tailor made clothing is a luxury, expense and point of pride for women and men alike. Here the men at the office struggled to find a shirt that IMG_1146was ‘local’ and the women changed out of their clothing after the photo shoot. This may be Kampala or upper middle class specific- I have yet to see much of Uganda, so as I travel and talk to more people I will be sure to give ‘fashion’ updates.



2 thoughts on “F.A.S.H.I.O.N.

  1. Did u wear your complete? That’s what it’s called correct? I love the orange dress with the head scarf!! Wow!


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