Where to be and be seen in Kampala: pools

The pools of Kampala are hopping spots. Located at luxury hotels, often owned by Indians, for the price of $5-10 dollars you can spend all day lounging in the pleasant sunshine and taking a dip. The largest pool is located at ‘Speke Munyonyo Hotel’, close to Lake Victoria but you have to take a walk down the hill for access. My assumption for the location away from the view is that the goal to have the first ‘Olympic size pool in Uganda’ was a higher priority. Although they fell short on this as well- the pool is 3 meters short.

The pools are the watering holes for the posh of Kampala, I was astonished by how few expats I saw at Speke (whose cost of $10 for entrance seemed high for me) but it was full of dark skinned Africans and people of various ethnicities, wearing their best clothes and splashing in the pool.

My second pool experience was at an East African Institution- Hotel Africana. Well known for constantly hosting conferences (some African Sustainable Micro Market blah blah conference is going on now) and sucking away development dollars, the newly refurbished pool was plush with middle aged African men slowly swimming laps and several conservatively dressed, young African females swimming next to the wall.

Selfies are seen everywhere, no ethnicity shies away from narcism. The lake, whose clientele did not have to pay for access thus drawing a different crowd but nonetheless  anxious to show off their attire, was empty in comparison. The real clients of Speke would not dare sit on these picnic tables.





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