Lunch time in Burkina Faso

The food is simple. Rice plus sauce. Or corn paste plus sauce. I prefer rice as the corn paste is very dense, slimy and tasteless. The best part of eating lunch out is the people you encounter and the places you can go. Usually outside, several plastic tables scattered around, children serving you with the mother behind a metal or wooden shed that functions as a full on kitchen and restaurant. Local food, home grown, fair trade, all the fancy lingo that you pay extra in the states to make sure you are ‘helping’ the plant for the low price of 90cents.

My favorite meal, rice and peanut sauce. Same in Senegal and Mali but in Mali it is often ruined by dried fish that is cooked in the sauce. 
Typical ‘vegetable’ sauce, lots of palm oil and mushy veggies and a small meat piece
Once again, cant go wrong with delicious peanut sauce, but as you can see, no veggies and a small meat chunk about the size of an eraser. 
End the meal with a refreshingly sweet ‘bissap’ or ginger juice, Ill advertise and say it was made by a local group of women, and of course using recycled bottles 
Mom’s little helper as she served our lunch
Chez Carlos- behind that small curtain he can whip up a hamburger or shawarma in no time if I am feeling like a more diverse meal
Side entertainment. 



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